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Financial Domination Princess / Fetish & Webcam Model
"I hope my absence haunts you."
(Six Word Story)

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Call and drain your wallet for Me so I can have an extra fun holiday this month - I deserve it.

Loser pays, Princess plays <3

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LOSERS: Don’t send messages asking if you can give Me money

Go to the LINKS that are clearly there for you to use and start sending already. My trip is now two weeks away and I can’t wait to spend your hard earned cash on MY fun in the sun <3

TRIBUTE / NiteFlirt / Twitter

xoxo Princess Audrey

ps: all pics and updates from my trip will be posted on My private personal findom blog - get the link and password on My #NiteFlirt

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Ready to spoil this Princess?

New contact page on My blog for you losers - and don’t even think about approaching Me empty handed.

xoxo Princess Audrey

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"How to kill someone:
Pretend they don’t exist,
Act like everything you ever said to them was a lie."
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